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Game Will Start In

Hider signup is now closed. Emails will be sent week of Sept 16-20.

An accident has happened! Toxic waste dump sludge, mac n cheese and ninja coins have combine to mutate and unleash a horde of little Zombies! (note these are not ninjas!)

They are hungry, they are multiplying... and they are everywhere! We need your help to lure them with brains! (the pins attaches to the zombie geocoin).

Be the first to find a brain tag (pin) and re-unite it with your own Earl the Zombie geocoin (designed by the inimitable Trevor Van Meter).

Earl, the Zombie

Good luck zombie hunters and don't forget to set up an alert!

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Redemption rules: Strictly one coin per household/residence; please do not grab more than one. Shipping charges apply. No family members of hiders please, your Zombie is included in the hider packet. As a courtesy to other finders, please claim as soon as you have found the tag. Once you find a tag, claim it following instructions on the back.