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012 - Zombie Camp

NF-300, Winthrop, WA, US location_on N 48 35.352, W 120 29.707

Well, who knew!?! I wanted to camp and experience that wonderfulness. I had been promised a fun time around the campfire with the guys, but I heard a horrible rumor - I was to be substituted for marshmallows!! I'm outta there and have gone into hiding. Somebody come rescue me - I don't want to be dessert, especially near a campfire!! (Uvag: V'z uvqvat ng gur onfr bs gur fznyyre bar. Svaq zr dhvpx - V qba'g jnaan trg rngra!! b_B)

025 - Off with their head!!

Heritage Park, Southwest Calgary, Calgary, AB, CA location_on N 50 58.777, W 114 05.878

Should you run into giant zombies, this might be the perfect tool!

058 - Famous Brainzz Zombie in Avalon

Cemetery Rd, Avalon, CA, US location_on N 33 20.413, W 118 20.062

Oh No! Zombies have invaded Catalina Island! Unsurprisingly, there are some local celebrities resting here. This brain is hiding at the base of a small palm tree that hangs over Katie. Walk in through the gates and walk straight ahead toward a bench. You are looking for some Good Times. Daylight find only! No vehicles or rental golf carts allowed on this road. You can park at the nearby golf course or Holiday Inn and it is a 5-minute walk.

071 - Post Apocalyptic Equipment

AB-1, Medicine Hat, AB, CA location_on N 50 00.751, W 110 41.125

As the zombies rise things draw to a halt. This is equipment that ran back in the times of the living.

125 - Wild Bill at Boot Hill

Mt Moriah Dr, Deadwood, SD, US location_on N 44 22.538, W 103 43.536

The wild west legend has risen from the dead and is looking for a snack. Will you find the brain before Wild Bill? Located in Mount Moriah cemetery (requires a $2 entry fee) You'll find the brain if you can find the sign.

158 - I am Lost

Mahogany Passage SE, Southeast Calgary, Calgary, AB, CA location_on N 50 53.456, W 113 56.164

I have looked everywhere for my fellow zombie. I can not find them. Where did they go...............

221 - Stuck on Lopez!

Lopez Rd, Lopez Island, WA, US location_on N 48 31.435, W 122 54.952

The zombie was trying to see the reef net boats on the other side of the channel. He got scared away when other people came down to the beach. He dropped his only brain he had collected on the stairs as he departed.

251 - Florencecourt House and Country Park

Mullan Rd, Northern Ireland, GB location_on N 54 15.407, W 007 43.987

Florence Court Sawmill A working water-powered sawmill stands on the edge of the Florencecourt pleasure gardens. It includes an exhibition on the history of the building, the timber industry on the estate and the mid-1980s restoration of the building and machinery. The water wheel has the name 'William Maxwell circa 1848' The main part of the building is built of limestone rubble and dates to the 18th century. It was extended and converted to a sawmill in the 1840s. A brick extension housing an office was added later in the 19th century. The Brain can be found inside, behind a large spade, put your brain to work and look for it

289 - Zombie Apocalypse Hideout

Cairns Landing, Canmore, AB, CA location_on N 51 03.857, W 115 20.208

When the zombies come for us, this is where I'm going! While it's blocked off now, in case of zombies I'm getting in and heading down. They'll never find me in the mine maze under here. Brains were left on the left side of the entrance, behind the first post in a crack in the wall. Don't try to break in here, it's blocked for a reason - maybe there's zombies down there!

324 - Earl goes to Oktoberfest!

Icicle Rd, Leavenworth, WA, US location_on N 47 34.130, W 120 40.864

Earl wanted to get a taste of the seasonal festivities in Leavenworth but when he got to town, all he found was a bunch of brainless partiers. That's not much fun for a zombie who's out for brains so he decided to check out the local trails instead. Maybe there will be a tasty hiker or two there. Being a conscientious zombie, Earl was sure to read the bulletin board at the trailhead before heading up.

328 - Where do zombies go to relax?

Seawalk, Campbell River, BC, CA location_on N 49 58.316, W 125 13.057 local_parking N 49 58.312, W 125 13.045

Zombie escape happens in Campbell River; but before the run; you might see zombies relaxing taking in the beautiful view or are they??

382 - The Blair Bridge Zombie

Blair Rd, Thornton, NH, US location_on N 43 48.622, W 071 39.901

The story goes that in the early 1800's a couple was walking across the bridge as horses approached. More recently, i watched as a couple took photos while in the roadway and then they started walking across the bridge...... nearby the standpipe; what you seek is NOT ON the covered part of the bridge or in the path of traffic. bring a thin cylindrical tool like a pencil and look under the sandwiched metal.

383 - Garden Club Park

University Dr, Chelsea, ME, US location_on N 44 20.529, W 069 47.649

Maybe the last place they will find you; floating on the pond in your boat. Hope you brought snacks.... or become one. a few feet from the end of the bridge; there may be a clue on the deck; look up& under from where the dirt is not.

384 - Whats In The Water- Poland Spring

W Crestwood, Poland, ME, US location_on N 44 01.411, W 070 21.068

Hope they dont figure out how to bottle the infection.... I'll stick with my artisan well water- just sayin'. plenty of room to be safe on the side of the road while reaching for a... bottle.

449 - Gear up your ride for zombies!

Cessna Dr, Peyton, CO, US location_on N 38 57.015, W 104 34.238

This is a place off the beaten path - good for all of your vehicular zombicide needs! There is a zombie lure on the back of the sign - but it seems to not be working any more. Head out to the shop and snag this tag!

457 - Hamilton Cemetery

Ave 310, Exeter, CA, US location_on N 36 21.001, W 119 06.373

Cemeteries are always a good place to find Zombies. Hint: Olive Tree