136 - Zombie Woods

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Crawfordsburn Rd, Northern Ireland, GB

Zombie Wood or better known as The Old Coach Road used to allow their Lordships to go by carriage from the grand setting of the Clandeboye Estate to the train station at Helen's Bay without having to come into too much contact with mere peasants. Nowdays, the area forms part of the Ulster Way and there are a number of good geocaches in the area. This section tends to be especially quiet bar the odd dog walker or mountain biker. The tag can be found a short distance from the main track which, while generally in good repair, can get a little mucky in places after extended periods of rain. A good place to look would be the twin trunk tree pictured behind the fallen ones.


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check_circle 1 year 2 months ago

Thank you so much to the hooman who hid this tag. Found with my own hooman in the dark - an unexpected extra nice bedtime walk for me. Thanks!


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