164 - Zombie Blaster

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Mississippi River Trail, Camanche, IA, US

Once the outbreak begins this would truly help in fighting off those pesky zombies wanting brains!!! If I was going to look for brains I would find the location where the blaster is secured to the ground.

This is located in a cemetery so please be respectful of mourners, don’t hunt at night.


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check_circle 10 months 3 weeks ago

A1bob saw this pop up in his email and we decided to spend a nice morning and take a drive. We were happy to see that no one was around when we got to the qz so we could do some searching. A1bob knew where to look and lifted the metal top and I was excited to see the sunlight glimmer on the little piece of plastic. Woot! We got our brain! So excited.! What a cool treat so close to Halloween.


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