215 - Oak Grove

Claimed by Yomegranate&Ol'Fogie 10 months 3 weeks ago (3h 7m 35s since publication) · visibility Watch (2)

Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Kodak, TN, US

Hidden from the main road, zombies would be plentiful here.Also if the zombie needs a boat, moonshine, or ribeye steak,all is close by. Mr. Underwood is watching....


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check_circle 10 months 3 weeks ago

I (Ol'Fogie) was logging geocaches from a Poker Run yesterday when the notice popped that this li'l brain was waiting to be found. Grabbed some java and headed to the findmobile (yom had to stay behind with a fractured ankle suffered during the aforementioned poker run). Talked to several of the Underwoods gathered there before noticing the one that truly stood out from the others. Once I was friends with the correct gent, the find was pretty easy.

Thanks for hiding!


description 10 months 3 weeks ago · Edited 10 months 3 weeks ago

My son and I have been looking for 30 min. No luck yet! Still determined.

Just saw the claim. Disappointed that it wasn’t claimed sooner. Oh well, driving back to Knoxville.


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