022 - Beware of Bathrooms

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7th Ave E, Cresco, IA, US

You are at your most vulnerable while sitting on the toilet, so always take extra care.

Zombies seem to sneak up on people who are at their most vulnerable, although it probably just seems like this as zombies just attack with no special circumstances. However, this does not change the fact that toilets are places you want to be careful around - if you are caught with your trousers down then there's not much you can do about running away, so you better have brought a gun with you. The best way to stay safe is to check each bathroom before you enter, in every cubicle and every section as it isn't rare to find one just waiting there. Also remember that just because it's not socially acceptable to climb under cubical doors, it doesn't mean the zombies won't do it.

The brains left here show a person did not follow this rule that well.

Take a drink and feel underneath it for some brains.


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check_circle 1 year 2 months ago

Yippie. Saw it publish last night whe taking the kiddos trick or treating. Wasnt able to get work off today so I left and headed right to there after. Looked around for the zombies and found the brains.


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