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S Beach Dr, Penticton, BC, CA

3750 Skaha Lake Rd / South Beach Dr. Zombies love to visit Penticton BC Canada. These zombies enjoy the 2 lakes, 8 beaches, many hills and trails, skiing, hike and bike trails along the Kettle Valley TransCanada trail, Skaha Bluff rock climbing, 130 area wineries. Rumor has it that some zombies looking for brains were heard telling jokes to each other by the welcome sign back wall in the Skaha Park. Q Do Zombies eat Brains with their fingers? A, No, they eat the fingers separately. Q When do Zombies go to sleep? A When they are dead tired. Q Why did the Zombie do so well in his exam? A Because it was a no Brainer. Q Where do Zombies go swimming? A In the dead sea. Q how do Zombies study for tests? A By eating lots of Brain food. Do you have any Zombie jokes to share with them???


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Congratulations to Tycoon Otto

Tycoon Otto

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Had my eye on this little guy for a while now. Had a bit of time today so I made the trip down from Kelowna. Happy to find it still here oh, well not anymore LOL.


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