309 - Searching for Braiinz in the Emma Wetlands

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Emma Ln NE, North Buckhead, Atlanta, GA, US

Welcome to the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, a 30 acre green space in the urban environment of Atlanta. Here you will find a community garden, a network of trails, educational signs, plenty of wildlife, and most importantly zombie brains!

This portion of the BHNP is the newly renovated Emma Wetlands, with new trails being installed and lots of future changes ahead!

Once you park at the provided coordinates, make your way down the trail until you reach a clearing with two benches and a nice view of the water. Look for the bench marked “Eric Shindell, Eagle Project, Troop 370, 2019". Behind this bench is a large broken tree. If you view the tree at the right angle, you’ll be able to find the brains hiding in the cracks!

Happy hunting!


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check_circle 1 year 2 months ago · Edited 1 year 2 months ago

8:16 AM. I had planned my trip today around seeking this "Feed The Zombie" tag that showed up last night. Thanks for the placement. It's the closest to where I live in Alabama that I've seen for the "Feed The Zombie" tags (there was another one in Atlanta previously, not sure where though).

There was also a GPSgames.org Geodash that was in Atlanta that I was able to score. I even got a bonus of finding 2 locationless caches on the Terracaching.com web site while seeking the Zombie Tag. After finishing in Atlanta, I went to Warner Robins and found a Groundspeak geocache as FTF.

So that's 3 FTF's in 3 different games today. The Terracaching ones have been logged in the past.

Thanks for the fun.


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