342 - Zombie lookout

Claimed by Wisundevil 10 months 3 weeks ago (19h 36m 0s since publication) ยท visibility Watch (1)

Black River Ave, Westby, WI, US

From this point on top of a small hill you should be able to get a good view of the incoming zombies. The visitors building nearby give a good shelter from the elements.

Tucked into a rock hole and camouflaged with a pine cone he awaits.


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check_circle 10 months 3 weeks ago

Wanted to go under the cover of darkness, but too many zombies around. So, waiting for first light, noticed the zombies were slowly staggering down the street to a feeding frenzy. With the trolls guarding, I searched and searched with no luck. I was about to give up cause Coords were bouncing all over. So I expanded my search and came up with it. Which was just in time cause the zombies were slowly making their way back here. I quickly from away. Hope they don't follow me.


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