390 - Meeting the Family

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Miami Beach Rd NW, Bremerton, WA, US

I have the great privilege to have family in here. This is my great grandparents, Christian and Marie Rostad, who were both born in Norway. They came moved from Norway to the United States at a time when immigrants were expected to quickly assimilate into American society in 1888. They lived in Crosby, Washington (just down the road about 8 miles). They had 3 boys. Alfred Rostad was my grandpa who retired from the shipyard and moved out to Seabeck with his wife, Hazel. They lived out their years in Seabeck. They did adopt their daughter, Dianne, from Hazel's half sister. Dianne is my mother, who has passed away in 2009.

I hope you take time to check out this old cemetery. Please park at the gate and take a walk down the path (yes there is really something down that path). Once you get to the fence around the cemetery, turn right and follow the fence until you find the entrance. Once inside, you will take the first path to the right and the headstone is just down that path.

For a hint, please compare the picture with same headstone. There is a difference between them.

Additional hint: A common pile up (#of sons) are hiding the brain.


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Came out on the off chance it was still here. Bingo! It was😀. Cool little place


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