429 - Great Seal

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Paseo Loop, Barrigada, GU

In the shadow of Chief Kepuha, at the entrance to the Sengsong CHamoru (Chamorro Village) lies the Great Seal of Guam. From here you can admire the Chamorro Village and the Agana Inlet where the Agana River empties into the Philippine Sea. There are also 3 geocaches within several hundred feet of here which will introduce you to some other cools sights. With the exception of Wednesday afternoons/evenings, there is always plenty of free parking just steps away. The Chamorro Village Market is held nearby on Wednesdays from around 4pm until around 10pm. Parking is still free but there will be hundreds of people lingering around nearby and there's no guarantee you'll be able to park anywhere close. Take a seat on the bench and enjoy the view. Lean back and smell the wild Hibiscus flowers behind you. Under a rock. There is a big leaf placed underneath the rock for added camouflage and protection. This tag has the potential to end up anywhere in Asia or the U.S.A.


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check_circle 1 year 2 months ago

Was getting dark yesterday when I set out to find this brain so as I was held up in traffic today near the area, I decided to stop and look while I waited for the road to clear. Met with instant success today. Thanks Sparks for telling me about the game.


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